Wedding Guest Arrives With 10 To-Go Containers, Fills Them With Food, Then Leaves

There's always at least one guest at every wedding who leaves a big, shall we say, impression...


There's always at least one guest at every wedding who leaves a big, shall we say, impression. Maybe it's an over-served uncle with too many opinions, or a grandparent who shocks with some killer dance moves, or that one cousin you haven't seen in 10 years who's lost, like, 400 pounds. At a recent celebration of nuptials in western Pennsylvania, that distinction went to a woman who boldly arrived to the reception with 10 containers, proceeded to fill them up with dinner and dessert, then took them all home. 

A new bride was so shocked that one of her guests had the gall to show up and fill to-go containers with a bunch of food at her wedding that she laid it all out there on social media. She took the private Facebook group "That's It I'm Wedding Shaming" to explain how it all went down, according to Philadelphia's WPVI-TV.

The food-snatcher was apparently a last-minute addition to the small guest list (only 25 people were invited in all), and the daughter of her father's friend who'd asked if he could bring her to their modest celebration. Not only did the daughter show up, but she arrived with an additional plus-10 in the form of Tupperware containers she would later fill up with food to take with her. Specifically, she filled seven containers with dinner fare and three more with dessert. She even had the audacity to swipe a few floral centerpieces and "a couple bottles of beer" to accompany her haul. Frankly, you kind of have to respect the nerve of this woman's breach of etiquette.

To be fair, giving away centerpieces is a pretty common thing to do at the end of a wedding. And of course, no one wants to see huge amounts of food going to waste. Still, it's one thing to take things when you've been offered (or to at least ask first), but downright bonkers to treat the event like a buffet of free party favors and leftovers. 

The bride made clear that this particular woman is by no means in need of a handout ("she's probably better off than I am," the post reads), and that she'd decided to take what she did to bring back for her other family members. What's more, the day after the wedding when the bride and her partner were opening gifts, they discovered the woman had given them a single five dollar bill. 

Early reports indicate we may have identified the worst wedding guest of 2019. 

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