This Company Just Released a Weed Brownie Mix to Make a Classic Edible Easy

Brownies are a classic way to make edibles.

Weed edibles have entered a new era over the last decade as more states have legalized recreational cannabis use for adults. Now, you can find hundreds of flavors of gummies, ice cream, PBR seltzers, and weed-infused tea from Boston Beer to but skim the surface of the edibles world.

Before the time of weed cocktails and everything bagel bars, weed brownies ruled the world of edibles. Brownies were almost synonymous with edibles at one point. Cannabis lifestyle brand Old Pal—teaming up with Tilt and Big Petes—is looking back on the good ol' days with the release of a new weed-infused brownie mix. Baked at Home, the punny name of the brownie mix, will make it quite easy to cook up a classic.

"Most cannabis consumers remember their first infused brownies as being a formative experience. However, they were probably messy, uncertain and impossible to dose correctly," Old Pal Co-founder and CEO Rusty Wilenkin said. "We wanted to create a mixture as easy to make as any other non-infused version."

The companies say the mix includes familiar dry ingredients like sugar, salt, baking powder, and cocoa. The big difference between this and the Betty Crocker you get at the grocery stores is the 100mg of THC. To make it, you use its ingredients with eggs and butter and then bake it.

The 100mg brownie mix will cost about $25, but it will only be available in Massachusetts and California. The announcement says you can get it at Tilt CAC dispensaries in Brockton, Cambridge, and Taunton, as well as a few other dispensaries around Massachusetts. In California, you'll find it at all Eaze and SweetFlower locations, as well as a handful of other dispensaries.

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