Mom Finds Weed in 4-Year-Old's French Fries at Wendy's

For stoners in Ohio, finding weed-drizzled french fries in a bag of Wendy’s is an untoward miracle. For kindergarten-age children though, it isn’t exactly a joyous occasion -- it’s more akin to literally eating grass.

We’re not merely speaking in hypotheticals here: A mother in suburban Ohio recently lashed out at Wendy’s on Facebook, lambasting the fast food chain after her 4-year-old daughter noticed her french fries were seasoned with marijuana. There were also remnants of rolling papers lingering in the mix, breaching the divide between children’s food and edible narcotics.

Needles to say, Dezeray Risner was not pleased:

According to local news reports, Risner’s daughter hesitantly chewed her food before calling the fries “yucky” and spitting then into her mother’s hand. Risner immediately charged back into the Wendy’s restaurant, asking if anyone handling food was a nefarious pothead seeking to poison children with THC. (The Wendy’s manager answered in the negative, although two employees did confess to smoking the reefer).

Like any good Mom would do, Risner filed a police report, and Wendy’s issued a statement clarifying its stance on sprinkling weed nuggets on french fries:

“Please know all of our customers as well as the quality and integrity of our food are a top priority at Wendy’s and we are taking this very seriously. We are currently conducting a thorough internal investigation and the Human Resource and Legal departments are both fully cooperating with police in their investigation. We will get to the bottom of this issue as soon as possible. It is as important to us as it is to the community.”

TL;DR: Wendy’s is against sprinkling weed on french fries.

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