The Classic Weekend Trip Is Ditching Fridays for Mondays

New data suggests the three-day trip is finding a new way around the Sunday Scaries.

This summer, the three-day trip is king—new data from VacationRenter reveals that 23% of all trips booked are three days. But, instead of the traditional Friday-to-Sunday booking, VacationRenter is seeing an increase in Saturday-to-Monday booking. In total, there’s been a 41% spike in bookings Saturday to Monday rather than Friday through Sunday for weekend travel.

I can see the sense in this switch, especially if you are wanting to stave off that all-too-common dread that comes at 7 am on Monday. Instead of waking up and facing your colleagues at one of your many tedious weekly meetings, you sleep in late, slowly pack your bags to beat checkout, and have a leisurely breakfast before you head back to your real life.

Leaving on a Friday does little to quell those Monday concerns—in fact, you can even might even be entering the weekend more tired. VacationRenter surveyed 1,000 people about their 2023 travel plans and combined it with booking data on the site to get the most current insights on what people want.

Other findings from the study include that 51% of respondents want to go on a beach vacation, and these are the most popular destinations among respondents within the US:

1. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
2. Ocean City, Maryland
3. Miramar Beach, Florida
4. Panama City Beach, Florida
5. Lake Michigan

You can see the complete results of the studies at

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