People Are Revealing the Most Horrifying 'Food Sins' They've Witnessed

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Everyone has had to watch someone with a painfully disgusting eating habit. It might seem counterintuitive, but it's not hard for that habit to feel normal once you've seen it often enough. Dad puts mustard on his cereal? At some point, you just get used to it. It might only seem a little weird rather than being a harrowing dining experience. That kind of normalization is on display in a new Ask Reddit thread where people have revealed the worst "food sins" they've had the misfortune to witness. 

Fortunately, though it may start to feel normal for the person watching a co-worker dip their pizza in ketchup, it's not normalized for the rest of us. Everyone else is still capable of being shocked by the horrible things your family does to the Thanksgiving turkey. And this thread, in a weird way, celebrates those oddities, many of which are committed by family members.

If you're curious about what kind of culinary atrocities are committed behind closed doors, this thread is absolutely for you. There are weird partners, curious kids, and dads who should never be allowed to touch Thanksgiving dinner ever again. 

Here's a taste of the best responses in the Ask Reddit thread. 

It turns out there are a ton of ways to ruin perfectly good food. On the other hand, at least these people are venturing into the culinary unknown like astronauts searching for new frontiers, even if the end result is that they wind up like George Clooney in Gravity

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