The Weirdest Town Names In All 50 States

Traveling across the United States will afford you views of pristine nature, bustling cities and quaint towns that might fail to register on your GPS. But if you're using this particular map as your compass, you might find yourself relatively off the grid, pumping gas in the middle of Satan's Kingdom, Massachusetts, or buying Gatorade in Catfish Paradise, Arizona. 

Via the research and data firm Estately comes a map of the "Most Oddly-Named Towns in Each U.S. State," and it's a goldmine for the American traveler, not to mention instructive when it comes to regional history. 

Peruse the map above, and find yourself inundated with lols. After all, it's hard not to chuckle when thinking of Ding Dong, Texas, Booger Hole, West Virginia, or Boring, Oregon, which apparently isn't that boring, according to its residents. 

Among Estately's findings are a bevy of other towns that received honorable mention on the strange name scale, but did not appear on the map. Some of those include Boar Tush, Alabama and Old Roach (ghost town), Colorado, the latter of which draws its name from both an elderly insect and what seems like a blatant self-affirmation. Oh yeah, and there's also Kentucky, where a few towns smack of sexual innuendo: Bald Knob, Beaver Dam, Knob Lick, and Girdler all call The Bluegrass State home. 

Anyway, for a more digestible view of the weirdest town names across the country, we've listed them for you below. 

Alabama: Scratch Ankle

Alaska: Chicken 

Arizona: Catfish Paradise 

Arkansas: Toad Suck 

California: Mormon Bar 

Colorado: Parachute 

Connecticut: Moosup 

Delaware: Flea Hill 

Florida: Spuds

Georgia: Flippen 

Hawaii: Volcano 

Idaho: Beer Bottle Crossing 

Illinois: Chicken Bristle

Indiana: Santa Claus

Iowa: What Cheer 

Kansas: Skiddy

Kentucky: Pig

Louisiana: Water Proof 

Maine: Bald Head

Maryland: Accident 

Massachusetts: Satan's Kingdom 

Michigan: Free Soil 

Minnesota: Little Canada 

Mississippi: Possumneck 

Missouri: Frankenstein

Montana: Big Sag 

Nebraska: Worms 

Nevada: Jackpot

New Hampshire: Dummer 

New Jersey: Foul Rift 

New Mexico: Pie Town

New York: Handsome Eddy 

North Carolina: Why Not

North Dakota: Zap 

Ohio: Dull 

Oklahoma: Okay 

Oregon: Boring 

Pennsylvania: Coupon

Rhode Island: Woonsocket 

South Carolina: Coward 

South Dakota: Plenty Bears 

Tennessee: Smartt 

Texas: Ding Dong 

Utah: Nibley 

Vermont: Mosquitoville 

Virginia: Fries 

Washington: Big Bottom

West Virginia: Booger Hole 

Wisconsin: Chili 

Wyoming: Chugwater 


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Sam Blum is a Staff News Writer at Thrillist, and can be found on Twitter @Blumnessmonster. He's never been to Booger Hole, West Viriginia or Ding Dong, Texas.