Wendy's Is Finally Taking Its Breakfast Menu Nationwide. Here's What's on It.


We're no strangers to the Wendy's breakfast. We know about that Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, but have largely kept the fast food semi-secret tucked into our breakfast ranking, because Wendy's has long limited its breakfast menu to just about 300 locations. But, thankfully, that's about to change. Wendy's is finally taking its brekkie menu nationwide. 

The square-shaped burger chain will officially start serving breakfast at locations all across the country in 2020, the company announced in a press release. That means everyone will soon have a chance to try Wendy's breakfast items like the meaty Breakfast Baconator, which features an egg, Applewood smoked bacon, sausage, two kinds of cheese, and Hollandaise sauce, all between two buns. The menu also includes favorites like the aforementioned Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit and the Frosty-ccino, which is an image I'm sure you can conjure with ease. 

Wendy's said it will hire about 20,000 employees to meet the demands of frying up breakfast menu items at such a large scale. Some might say every food is breakfast food, so why do fast food restaurants have to make us eggs? Well, as CNN reported, research group NPD found that breakfast is the meal people most often prepare at home, so it's the only avenue of significant growth available for fast food chains.

This isn't the first menu addition Wendy's has made this year. Fans of the chain are in the know about the new Bacon Jalepeño Chicken Sandwich, those otherworldly cookie and chocolate-loaded Frosy Sundaes, and of course, the return of Spicy Nuggets, among others. 

This is all going to cost Wendy's around $20 million, but she loves you so much and wants to give you all of your favorites, as well make you the most important meal of the day -- unlike daddy Taco Bell, who just dropped nine beloved items from its menu with only a big ol' corporate shrug. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.