Comedian’s Prank on Wendy's Employee Takes an Unexpected and Beautiful Turn

I once went out with a girl who started talking about working for NY Lottery customer service, and how almost every time she asked “is there anything else I can help you with?” the person would respond, “Yeah, can you help me win the lotto, aha.” Otherwise, they’d just complain about the same two issues, sending her into a verbal repetition so intense that words lost all meaning and were reduced to syllables in her brain.

So I’m sure she would have loved to receive a call from Comedian Dan Wilbur, who presented an unorthodox display of comedy involving Wendy’s customer service on Twitter on Monday. 

He posted two videos with the caption “I called @Wendy’s Customer Service to tell them how much I love their food and ended up bonding with the operator more than I've bonded with anyone in my family. #positivepranks #lol #prankcalls 1/2.”

After this description of the prank (and concerning domestic reveal!) he followed up with, “I learned so much.” 

And learn he did. In the video, he starts by announcing to the employee, Shea (spelling unconfirmed), that he recently ate at a Wendy’s in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and “it was delicious.” 

There is silence on the other line, as the employee likely waits for the verbal abuse to ensue. When nothing comes, she says, “that is good to hear,” in the delicate way you might compliment your friend’s toddler when they announce that they just took a good poop. 

The two begin to discuss Scranton, and what he had to eat over there: a spicy chicken sandwich and small chocolate frosty. 

“Sometimes,” Wilbur says, “I dip the chicken sandwich into the frosty.” 

Nobody could have predicted what happened next -- the abrupt conversational acceleration that comes with the reveal of something mutual between two strangers. The customer service employee apparently did the exact same thing with her chicken sandwich.

“People think I’m crazy,” she said. 

“You’re not crazy,” he assured. And their conversation continued organically, beautifully, closing with both parties feeling less alone. 

Wilbur has also done a Head and Shoulders customer service call, among other “positive pranks.” And I invite you, reader, to try it yourself by calling Thrillist today and telling them that the author of this article has improved your life in immeasurable ways. 

h/t The Takeout

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.