Wendy's Is Quietly Discontinuing a Popular Sauce

Wendy's is phasing out its Hot Honey sauce over the coming weeks.

wendy's hot honey
Photo courtesy of Wendy's, image by Samantha Shin for Thrillist
Photo courtesy of Wendy's, image by Samantha Shin for Thrillist

Earlier this year, Wendy's introduced its Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich. Fall has not officially arrived, and those sandwiches are ready to go the way of Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza. (That is to say that it's leaving the menu, but there's certainly nothing that guarantees it won't be back.)

A Wendy's spokesperson has confirmed to Thrillist that Hot Honey sauce is being "phased out." The sauce isn't totally gone already, however. Some locations likely still have it in stock, but the end is near for those chicken sandwiches or any other order where you might tack on a little Hot Honey.

So, your local drive-thru window may still have the sauce in stock. If you love those sandwiches and want to remember them forever, now is the time to get on it. "Once locations run out of their current supply," the spokesperson tells Thrillist, "consumers will no longer be able to order/request them."

The chicken sandwiches were available in the same configurations as its other chicken sandwiches. You could get it as the Spicy Chicken, Classic Chicken, or Grilled Chicken. Though, nothing is forever in fast food. Just last week Wendy's brought back its Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger. It might not be goodbye, but just farewell for now. 

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