Wendy's Demolishes McDonald's in Brutal Tweet


Hell hath no fury like the social media manager behind the Wendy's Twitter account. The square patty burger slingers, well-known for its devastating quips, has struck again. The victim this time? Yet another hit on McDonald's.

Twitter user @ethan58467665 casually asked Wendy's what it would call a photo depicting a McDonald's restaurant mid-demolition. 

Wendy's, of course, was happy to play along, referring to the photo as its "vision board." The pigtailed chain clearly doesn't mind participating in physically and emotionally destroying McDonald's. I am led to believe that Wendy's thrives on such a thing.

Of course, fans of Wendy's flocked to the replies with their own trolling or encouragement.

This comes mere days after Wendy's went after Burger King for its new french fry sandwich, or Chip Butty, that's slated to launch in New Zealand. Wendy's will not rest until it has roasted every fast food chain in sight, leaving us protectively clutching the chicken sandwiches, McFlurries, and curly fries we hold near and dear.

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Kat Thompson is a staff writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @katthompsonn