Wendy's Dropped a Fire Mixtape Roasting McDonald's

Wendy's is no stranger to going in on its competitors, whether that means sending mean tweets to civilians, other brands, or just having rap battles via Twitter. But the frankly aggressive fast-food brand just took this further than anyone thought possible: Wendy's has released a genuine mixtape that you can listen to on the internet in real life.

The mixtape is available on Spotify and Apple Music and is called We Beefin?. It's five songs and 10 minutes long and features song titles like “Twitter Fingers,” “Rest in Grease,” and “4 for 4$." To be clear, there is nothing in American corporate law that disallows this.

It's basically an extension of the brand's Twitter presence, which is to say it's really cruel to competitors like Burger King and McDonald's. One representative line goes thus: "You No. 1? That's a joke / Why your ice cream machine always broke?" The whole mixtape is annotated over at Genius.

You could probably put this on in the background and your friends wouldn't notice. You could also listen to Wendy's while you eat Wendy's. You could also pretend none of this ever happened.

Maybe the weirdest part is how listenable the whole thing is.

Check it out below:

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