Wendy’s Adds Pineapple Mango Flavor to its Lemonade Lineup

But it’ll only be around for a little while.

A Wendy's burger, fries, and a fountain drink.
TY Lim/shutterstock

As summer approaches, the season’s unofficial beverage (which this year is competing with hard seltzer, to be honest) also returns in waves. It’s lemonade! 

The weather’s barely started warming up, but we’ve already seen Jamba Juice’s berry lemonade smoothie, Shake Shack’s new lemonades, Pinkberry’s strawberry lemonade fro-yo, and Taco Bell’s lemonade Freeze all hit menus. Now, Wendy’s is adding a pineapple mango lemonade to its lineup, according to Delish

The Fasties Chain of the Year award winner already has strawberry, tropical berry, and classic lemonades, making the pineapple mango flavor it its fourth offering. Pair it with a Baconator, which was nominated for a Fastie in the Best Bacon Cheeseburger award category.

Wendy’s also happens to be giving away free Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant breakfast sandwiches with any breakfast purchase until April 25, and it's running a BOGO chicken sandwich for $1 promo until May 2.

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