Dunkin' and Wendy's Got in a Twitter Spat & You Can Guess How That Went

When spicy tweets go wrong.

Wendy's roasts dunkin on twitter
Lynn Watson/Shutterstock - Edited
Lynn Watson/Shutterstock - Edited

Sure, you can make a better burger than Wendy's, but it's not worth trying to outmaneuver the pigtailed chain with a snarky tweet. It should be a tired routine, but people keep stepping up to get social media brownie points for taking on Wendy's on Twitter, and the people behind the Wendy's account keep on tossing out impressive burns.

For the launch of its Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut, Dunkin' has been taking shots at other chain restaurants. (They're doing it because, you know, that's a spicy thing to do.) Popeyes and McDonald's didn't dignify the potshot from Dunkin' with a response. Wendy's, however, couldn't let it go without taking a shot back. Dunkin' took a tepid shot at some spicy nuggets, and Wendy's went for the throat. 

"Stick to pushing the food that’s so 'good' you took it out of your name," Wendy's wrote. That's a shot Dunkin' taking the "Donuts" out of its name in 2018. Wendy's wasn't done either. 

Wendy's really seems to have taken umbrage with the shot at its spicy nuggets. The square burger chain can even be found in the replies to the Dunkin' tweet having it out with the donut slingers.  

Here's a look at some of the other "spicy" tweets that Dunkin' has leveled at chains.

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