Wendy's Spent the Super Bowl Tweeting Burns at McDonald's

Wendy's is basically fast food's version of the schoolyard bully. It's not literally pushing people over, doling out swirlies, or making "your mom" jokes (it's not above the latter), but its behavior online is delightfully juvenile.  

So, it's not all that surprising that the square burger palace spent Super Bowl Sunday roasting McDonald's. As previously seen, it spent a lot of money on an iceberg joke about McDonald's flash-frozen patties. (See above.)

However, it wasn't content to just have an expensive joke at McDonald's expense. It needed a cheap one as well. 

At one point during the Super Bowl broadcast, there was dead air. It appeared as though a commercial was supposed to have played during that slot. Wendy's took the opportunity to dish out a cold burn, suggesting McDonald's was probably to blame for your TV freezing. 

Wendy's was even going after McDonald's before the game, attempting to build up the ongoing, one-sided beef. It also sniped at the Golden Arches for its Black Friday gaffe in November. They're certainly attempting to escalate the feud, but McDonald's isn't biting.

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