Burger King Tried to Roast Wendy's on Twitter & It Didn't Go Well

Wendy's twitter burger king
Courtesy of Burger King - Edited
Courtesy of Burger King - Edited

Burger King may claim to be the king of burgers, but Wendy's is the undisputed champ of snarky corporate Twitter accounts. Love it or hate it, Wendy's is frequently cited as the reason so many companies have taken a similar tone on social media. 

It might have been a bit since you've seen Wendy's bring a tweeter to their knees, but the home of square patties is still capable of torching a sparring partner. Burger King was the one who found out this week. Burger King photographed its titular mascot in front of a Wendy's with a cardboard sign attempting to calling out those square patties at Wendy's.

Naturally, Wendy's sniped back.

It wasn't over after just one round, though. Burger King appears to have taken a second photo during the photoshoot for its tweets. That makes sense because it's a little staged, and the company had to know that Wendy's was going to fight back. 

The second sign said, "Don't burn people just because you can't flame-grill." That's a bit tepid (and cropped so you can't read it without clicking in), but it did set the stage for the best tweet in the exchange. Wendy's won the second round when it shot back, "Honestly expected better, but you’re probably pretty used to hearing that."

As usual, Wendy's floated around in the comments strutting around like they just won the title belt. 

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.