Wendy's Is Removing a Menu Staple to Make Room for Its New Strawberry Frosty

Strawberry Frostys are on the way.

wendy's frosty vanilla strawberry
Edited: Courtesy of Wendy's / Tusumaru/Shutterstock
Edited: Courtesy of Wendy's / Tusumaru/Shutterstock

Many Wendy's fans remember the first time they scooped up a chilly Frosty with a french fry as their utensil. But if that routine has grown stale, and you wish you could travel back in time to that first salty, sweet bite, you can quit rubbing lamps at rummage sales hoping to find a genie. There's a new Frosty on the Wendy's menu.

On June 6, Wendy's debuted a Strawberry Frosty. The fast food chain says a strawberry version of the beloved dessert has been its most-requested flavor from fans. The summery refresh includes more than just one strawberry-focused menu arrival. However, the entrance of the Strawberry Frosty comes at a cost. 

John Li, Vice President of Culinary Innovation, said that the Frosty machines at Wendy's locations are set up to handle just two flavors, the familiar vanilla and chocolate. To bring the Strawberry Frosty into the fold, something has to go. So, the Vanilla Frosty is temporarily going by the wayside, the company said at an event on Monday. That choice was made in part because the Vanilla Frosty forms the base of the new Strawberry Frosty. 

The other big announcement on Monday was the return of the Summer Strawberry Chicken Salad. The popular summer salad features strawberries, bacon, grilled chicken, and a lettuce and spring mix with an Italian cheese blend, candied almonds, and a Champagne vinaigrette. 

If you're a fan of strawberries, you will surprisingly be able to get your fill from a fast food drive-thru window this summer. 

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