Wendy's New Super Bowl Commercial Aggressively Roasts McDonald's

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By now, you're familiar with the way Wendy's behaves online. Basically, it's not very nice. The burger chain is so good at being mean, however, that it can basically do whatever it wants. Civilians have suffered its wrath, other brands have been attacked, provoked and unprovoked, and once or twice Wendy's was even kind of sweet. Up until now, this rude behavior has been reserved for the internet. 

That's changing with this new Super Bowl ad, which is almost entirely devoted to roasting McDonald's frozen beef. The ad takes a claim from McDonald's own website ("Our beef is flash frozen to seal in fresh flavor") and compares that frozen beef to the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.

Does that comparison make sense? Not exactly. But again, it's funny so it's fine.

As you can see in the tweet above, Wendy's has been attacking McDonald's frozen beef for a while now and constantly touting the freshness of its own "never frozen" beef.

It seemed like after making friends with MoonPie, Wendy's might be changing its vicious ways. But nope, still pretty mean.

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