Wendy's Pithy Twitter Account Just Got a Savage Taste of Its Own Medicine

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Wendy's Twitter account is known for saucy replies and a willingness to get into spats over next to nothing. Earlier this year, the account burned Hardee's so bad it was blocked by its fast food rival. Then Wendy's helped a teen get the most retweeted tweet of all-time. And it occasionally just hangs around burning and embarrassing burger munchers because this is a marketing plan in the modern world.

However, a recent tussle had the burger chain on the receiving end of clap back. One tweeter inquired who would win a battle between the Oakland Athletics and Wendy's on Twitter. The A's offered a little wordplay, suggesting it'd "eat @Wendys for lunch." Wendy's went for a burn of its own, but the whole thing backfired beautifully. 

A's Burn Wendy's on Twitter
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The A's won that round with a self-deprecating joke that took down the reigning Twitter pith champs. Wendy's obviously felt the heat because it tried to turn the tables, but the A's account brought its... uh... A game.

A's burn Wedny's on Twitter
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The whole thing was undoubtedly in good fun. And it must feel nice for the A's to get a "W" somewhere, with things looking awfully bleak in the West Division's basement.

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