Wendy's Is Already Dissing McDonald's New Spicy McNuggets on Twitter

The shade-filled tweet came just hours after McDonald's announced the new McNuggets on Tuesday.

Courtesy of McDonald's
Courtesy of McDonald's

McDonald's announced on Tuesday that it's upgrading its iconic Chicken McNuggets with a spicy new recipe for the first time in their nearly 40-year history on the menu, entering an arena dominated by Wendy's and Burger King. And while the latter competing chain has yet to publicly react to Mickey D's move, the former has responded in a way that should come as no surprise to anyone: by throwing shade on Twitter.

The square-shaped burger slinger was provoked by Twitter user @Bookiemariex3, who asked, "@Wendys I see that @McDonalds is coming out with Spicy Nuggets. What are your feelings?" Wendy's didn't hesitate. In a retweet with comment, the chain summarily crapped on McDonald's new nuggets and even dissed Burger King in the process.

The response even sort of hints at McDonald's lateness to the fast food spicy chicken nuggets game by directly mentioning Burger King's spicy nuggets, which debuted in 2017. The Spicy McNuggets launch on September 16 will mark the first time McDonald's has offered a new version of the iconic menu item since they first hit the menu nationwide all the way back in 1983. 

Some were quick to defend their beloved McNuggets, but Wendy's offered no mercy to this McNuggets fan:

Of course, the Twitter shade should come as no surprise to anyone who's been following the pigtailed chain's sassy social media outbursts over the years. Wendy's Twitter is going to Wendy's Twitter, right? Nothing too surprising here. Wendy's said as much in another tweet responding to a fan's praise:

McDonald's has yet to respond to Wendy's tweets, but something's telling us its taking the criticism well:

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