Wendy's Twitter Account Just Did a Reddit AMA and It Was Savage AF

edited - cole saladino/thrillist
edited - cole saladino/thrillist

Whatever your feelings about being mean to strangers online, you can't deny that it gets results. In just a short time, the team running Wendy's Twitter account has made the fast-food behemoth weirdly cool, and the account itself has earned a place in the Twitter hall of fame as the Charlie Chaplain of mean-spirited social media.

We rarely get a glimpse of the people behind those cruel, cruel tweets, however, which is why it's exciting that team took to Reddit today for an AMA. It's not the most comprehensive look at what it's like to roast people for a living, but it's definitely entertaining.

Here are the highlights, conveniently organized by subject:

On how the team was assembled:

On how to get the gig, part one:

On how to get the gig, part two:

On the higher-ups:

On other Twitter accounts:

On the fruits of their labor:

On their noble humility:

On whether they're millennials:

On getting in trouble:

On McDonald's:

On memes:

On being savage:

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