Wendy's Burns McDonald's Over Its Black Friday Twitter Fail

wendy's twitter roasts mcdonalds
Laura Murray | Thrillist Media Group
Laura Murray | Thrillist Media Group

With a little time off on the horizon, someone on the McDonald's social media team may have made a little mistake. It was one of those little details that can easily get lost in the shuffle while you check traffic to Aunt Patti's house. For Black Friday, McDonald's tweeted out "Black Friday **** Need copy and link****."


The Wendy's Twitter snark machine was quick to sense an opportunity, as it has previously when it was blocked by Hardee's or went after McDonald's for the whole Szechuan Sauce fiasco. The chain went low and took a shot at the Arches' oft-broken ice cream machines

Despite offering free Frostys for a year to raise money for charity, Wendy's overriding tone is mean.

Like McDonald's own tweet, the Wendy's jab struck a chord, getting retweeted more than 280,000 times. (McDonald's is just over 22,000.) Wendy's was so proud it gave itself a little back pat while referencing the #NuggsForCarter campaign

Wendy's even spent a little time on an off-day mirthfully adding secondary burns in the replies.

Point made. Even holidays won't deter the team behind Wendy's merciless Twitter account.

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