Wendy’s Just Burned Wingstop in a Hilarious Rap Battle on Twitter

Many have attempted to take on Wendy's brutalizing Twitter account, and many have utterly failed to inflict even slight damage. While most brands have learned to tweet clear of Wendy's 140-character blows, the square-shaped burger purveyor has found a sparring partner that brings a secret weapon to the ring: ferocious bars. Yes, none other than Wingstop has stepped to Wendy's on Twitter, and the two accounts were quickly locked in a fierce rap battle.

It all started with a viral tweet, which compared a funny picture of a Wingstop to the lyrics of a Migos song. (The lyrics go "Raindrop, drop top," compared to the image, which shows a GameStop neighboring a Wingstop in a strip mall).

Wingstop responded to the attention with a musical flourish and rapped its response: 

After that, a bystander called Wendy's to defend its turf, and the whole social marketing stunt got completely out of hand. To kick things off, Wendy's echoed Kendrick Lamar: 

Then, things went full 8 Mile:

Wendy's spat some PG-13 verses that were kind of impressive for a hamburger chain. 

But Wingstop has had ample time to perfect its own branded rhymes, as evidenced by this sick burn: 

Unsurprisingly, it was probably Wendy's that put the nail in Wingstop's lyrical coffin with this perfectly gift-wrapped stanza:

But the battle of the brands ceased there. Wendy's was the first to tire out and thank Wingstop for its participation in what was probably the only rap battle waged on the internet between two prominent eateries. 

Wingstop kept it real, too. 

Whether or not another fast-food rap battle will rock the idle waters of Twitter anytime soon remains to be seen. In the meantime, watch this space, and maybe send a prayer to Carl's Jr's Twitter account, which could definitely benefit from learning how to rap. 

[h/t BuzzFeed]

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