Watch This Whale Shoot Out of the Water and Totally Soak a Boatful of Tourists

Whales are terrifyingly massive dinosaur fish (that may not be technically true, but it is emotionally true), yet we insist on going near them. In fact, we pay people money to take us near them in little boats. Why do we do this? Hard to say, but it's partially in the hopes that they'll throw themselves into the air near us, but not quite so near as to Captain Ahab us into the abyss. 

One boatful of tourists got the perfect balance between "this whale is close" and "I'm not dead" on Saturday afternoon in Port Macquarie, Australia, and got it on tape for the rest of us to enjoy. The group was on a whale-watching tour when a humpback whale saw fit to hurl itself out of the water and soak the entire boat without, you know, crushing it.

"My family and I went on a whale watching adventure whilst on a holiday at port Macquarie," the videographer told ViralHog, "we saw a whale breach in the distance and I just knew I wanted one video however did not anticipate getting the magical shot I got."

And what a magical shot it was.

h/tMashable, ViralHog

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