Which Country Eats the Fattiest Christmas Dinner?


Christmas dinners vary across the globe. For starters, not all of them involve turkey, and some are more fat, fat fatty than others. We're looking at you America. 

Medical website recently released a list of the most calorie-filled Christmas dinners or lunches from around the world. They ranked the calorie intake of a single serving of the average, traditional Christmas dinner in 28 countries and as expected, the US came in first, eating a whopping 3,291 calories. However, The UK and Ireland were a close second with a single serving of their meals racking up 3,289 calories. And although the French may scoff at the eating habits of the Anglophone nations, they're not much better. France came in third, at 3,217 calories. 

One surprise on the list came from Japan. Even though the study claims that the Japanese have a tradition of eating KFC on Christmas day, they still consume the least amount of calories. That should tell you something. 

You can look at the meal breakdowns here and check out the top ten most calorific Christmas dinners below. And don't be ashamed if those jeans are fitting snug, you're just American. 

 The 10 Countries That Eat the Most Calories on Christmas

10. Croatia - 2,760

9. Denmark - 2,766

8. Belgium - 2,781

7. Spain - 2,916

6. Brazil - 2,930

5. Germany - 3,168

4. Portugal - 3,209

3. France - 3,217

2. UK, Ireland - 3,289

1. US - 3,291

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