If You Invested $1K In These Startups, This Is How Rich You'd Be

Published On 02/23/2017 Published On 02/23/2017
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The odds are good that if you invest a little money in a diversified portfolio of stocks and mutual funds early on, you'll net a nice chunk of change over the course of your life. But what if you'd bet big on the specific stocks that ended up skyrocketing after they went public?  We've all fantasized about the Scrooge McDuck piles of money we'd have if we had the foresight to dump our savings into companies like Amazon or Google early on, and now thanks to the folks at, it's easy to see just how much fatter our bank accounts would be if we had. 

Ahead of Snap Inc.'s hotly anticipated IPO, Bizdaq's just published an infographic revealing how much money you could have made so far if you'd purchased $1,000 worth of stock in various other tech companies when they first went public. For balance, it doesn't just feature the Silicon Valley giants whose stocks have surged, but also a few flash-in-the-pan duds you should thank the heavens you didn't throw any money into (looking at you, Zynga). 

Assuming you could go back in time to make the investment, here's how much your $1,000 would be worth today, based on the company's current stock price:

Amazon (1997): $45,670.90

Tesla (2010): $14, 536.54

Alphabet/Google (2004): $9,320

Netflix (2002): $9,062.13

Baidu (2005): $6,464.64

Apple (1980): $5,473.35

Facebook (2012): $3,405.35

Yahoo! (1996): $3,338.68

Microsoft (1986): $3,061.11

PayPal (2002): $3,029.36

ebay (1998): $1,769.35

Alibaba (2014): $1,414.28

Twitter (2013): $643.72

Zynga (2011): $260

Courtesy of Bizdaq

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