Here's What Every State Hates Most, Including the Weirdos in Georgia

what every state hates most

Sometimes, the thing that binds two people together is an irrational hatred of something kind of mundane. (Don't pretend like you haven't bonded with a friend over hating how tourists walk in New York or selfie sticks.)

Some people believe this premise so strongly that there's an entire dating app built around it. Hater is an app that pairs you with your potential soul mate based on the things you mutually dislike.

The app has used data from their hundreds of thousands of users specifying what they hate to create a map that reveals what each state hates more than any other. The results are weird and kind of wonderful. The responses range from vaguely political (South Dakota hates The New York Times) to cultural (Delaware has a pronounced distaste for Casey Affleck), the predictable (hey, Vermont, everyone hates waiting in line) to the weird (what do you have against tuna salad, Georgia?).

What every state hates most

Perhaps most importantly, Virginia deserves a slow clap for hating "dabbing pizza grease with a napkin." You ordered pizza, not a handful of kale. It going to be a little greasy.

So, if you're looking for your soul mate, be sure to... Wait. People in Arizona hate sand? What are you doing in Arizona, sand haters!?

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