Now You Can Eat 3 Squares a Day, Literally

The startup SquarEat is trying to reinvent the way we eat food.

These days everyone is trying to simplify the way we eat food. Quick ordering and pick up via apps, meal plan kits, and groceries delivered to your door, the more simple the option, the better. But like all progress, sometimes it can feel like we’ve taken a step too close to the sun. In this case, Icarus comes in the form of SquarEat, a startup that wants to deliver your meals in cube form.

SquarEat has 15 different 50-gram squares intended to offer all the nutrition of a full meal. There are breakfast cubes, such as the Choco Pancake Square, and vegetable cubes, such as the Asparagus Square. Worried about getting enough protein? There’s a Sea Bass Square and a Beef Square and a Chicken Square. The cubes of food can be cooked, warmed, or eaten as is.

SquarEat Chief Marketing Officer Laura Vacaflores promises that nothing about the food itself is different other than its shape. “It has nothing weird, no additives,” Vacaflores told the Today Show. “I know a lot of people think this is a meal replacement, but it’s not, it’s just chicken.”

Some of the 15 options from SquarEats. | Coutresy of SquarEats

The Miami-based startup compacts food into these cubes, which will eventually be available for purchase in packages of four and six squares to be delivered directly to your door. According to an August press release, the company has raised a little more than $151,000 of its $700,000 goal needed to launch fully. Right now, the squares are only available for purchase in Miami, according to VICE.

"The market is currently booming, and no one has cracked the code yet, so we came out with a brand-new solution that could literally be the food of the future," Vincenzo Foglia, Co-founder and CCO of the company, said in the press release.

If cubes of Sea Bass are the food of the future, call me old-fashioned. I’ll stick with my antiquated variety of shapes and textures from the grocery store.

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