An Escaped Kangaroo Straight Chilled Out In Staten Island This Weekend

Published On 10/19/2015 Published On 10/19/2015

Do you see what happens when you don't follow the "No flora and fauna" rule, guys? DO YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS?! An escaped kangaroo named Buster bounced around Staten Island this weekend before its joyride was cut short by perplexed authorities who now know how to catch a kangaroo. 

Locals were as shocked to find Buster as Buster probably was to be on this side of the planet. "...It looked like a deer. And when it jumped out, we see it's not a deer, it's a kangaroo," said local repair shop owner, Urim Osmani, reports CNN. Authorities say the 3-ft-tall kangaroo escaped by way of an unsecured gate, prompting this reporter to think that these marsupial bastards are way smarter than we think. 

Shockingly, it's actually legal for residents of upstate New York to keep marsupials as pets, but the owner assured authorities that he and kangaroo were just on the Island "visiting friends." Wait, did they have to take the ferry over? What kind of friends do kangaroos have? So many questions!

In any case, we can't help to ask ourselves why anyone would want a wild and potentially dangerous Australian animal in their living rooms in the first, which leads us to blame Mel Gibson for bringing the practice into style in the early 80s.

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and plans to visit Australia when technology allows the trip to be shorter than 40 hours.



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