In a Heated Chex Mix Debate, an Unlikely Piece Comes Out on Top

No love for the mini breadstick, though?


There comes a time in everyone's life when they must argue the merit of their favorite piece of Chex mix. But conversations about one of the world's greatest snack foods are traditionally sparked casually between folks sharing a bag, not in the Twitter-sphere, where arguments often become so heated that the fundamental character of each debater is called into question. 

But, oh boy, did it happen on Twitter this week. On May 20, Twitter user Nurhan (@naahrun) posted a photo of six Chex mix pieces, asking the internet which is the best. The post went viral; By 4pm on May 22, it had amassed 19.5K retweets and 26.3K likes. 

Nurhan, whose personal favorite pieces are the corn and wheat Chex pieces, told me later over Twitter DM that she'd only expected her friends to chime in. Instead, over eight thousand users were engaged in conversation.

"Seeing that tweet blow up was honestly really funny and shocking," she said. And the responses were also funny, shocking, and sometimes... religious: 

The more serious rankings varied greatly, but people seemed relatively indifferent to the Chex themselves and had strong opinions about the breadstick, pretzels, and rye chip. The rye chip often came out on top in user rankings, or users didn't even waste their time talking about any other piece. 

"The thing that surprised me most about the results was how much people loved rye chip," Nurhan told me. "it’s actually one of my least favorite pieces." 

I can relate. It's sort of... stale? And while it's the largest of the pieces, it's blandness leaves much to be desired. Naturally, people... Disagreed. 

One user suggested putting Cheez-its in the bag, so I asked Nurhan what she'd add if she had the chance. 

"It would probably be a piece that looks and tastes like a bagel but in the mini form of a bagel, obviously." Genius. 

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