Adorable Grandpa Loses $1 Million in Saddest ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Moment Ever

There is perhaps nothing as tragicomic as being denied a financial windfall because of a baked zucchini. But the comfort food can present an insurmountable roadblock between you and $1 million, just as it did for one unlucky man on Wheel of Fortune on Wednesday night. He will certainly look at zucchinis differently for the rest of his life. 

A grandpa named Frank and his granddaughter Laurel were on the cusp of achieving the game show's ultimate $1 million purse when they were stumped by a pernicious baked zucchini problem. Frank initially got five letters on the board, at first solving the riddle like code-cracking grandpa he was always born to be. But the zucchini proved formidable. 

With time winding down, Laurel and Frank understood that the second word was "zucchini," but their guesswork was foiled by the preceding word, which turned out to be "baked" instead of Frank's original inkling, "fried." Much to their disappointment, host Pat Sajak revealed that they had just missed out on $1 million because of the duplicitous baked zucchini, a questionable dish that no one really eats in the first place. 

But in those frantic, nail-biting seconds, the internet became endeared to Frank, and started singing his praises on Twitter. 

While still a nice takeaway, their $26,000 winnings probably provide little solace in light of the $1 million gut punch. But keep your chins up, Frank and Laurel. And remember to never let the baked zucchinis get you down. 

[h/t Uproxx]

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