This Is the Best Time to Buy International Flights for Cheap in 2023 analyzed millions of flights to help save the rest of us money.

Are you planning a big international trip this year but are still fretting about how you'll afford the costs? Me too, pal. Fortunately, has done the hard work of analyzing 917 million airfares around the world to help determine which times of year are the cheapest to travel. According to experts, global travel will increase by 30 percent in 2023, meaning that getting your hands on cheap tickets might be a bit more competitive this year.

The online travel agency's 2023 International Airfare Study determined a number of things, including the best time to purchase your tickets. That advice is nothing new: buy as early as possible. The longer you wait, the more expensive flights will be. For exact time frames, you can reference the chart below. But in general, booking 10 months in advance will help you get the best prices on international flight prices. Flights to Asia, in particular, require the longest lead time to save money, while flights to Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe have the shortest.

A map of the world and the best days to buy flights for travel to each region.
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"As consumers continue to be more comfortable and eager to take flights, it is important they have the information they need to make smarter travel decisions," CEO Jeff Klee said in a statement. " is committed to equipping consumers with valuable airfare insights to allow travelers to fly internationally with confidence."

A graph displaying the cheapest day to purchase international flight tickets based on destination.
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Check out the complete guide, which includes suggestions for booking based on destination, on For instance,'s study found that the "cheapest flights to Europe are on Tuesdays, saving $121 per airline ticket on average compared to flying on Saturday." That extra $121 could afford an extra night at a hotel or a nice dinner on your trip.

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