This Map Takes the Guess Work Out of Deciding When to Travel

Deciding when during the year to book a bucket list getaway generally comes down to settling on a date that both jibes with when you can take time off and won't cost you half a year's pay to get there. However, depending on the type of experience you're looking for, you’re probably also weighing the importance of visiting a place during a month when it won't be mobbed with other tourists, or vice versa. Fortunately, there's a new resource that'll help you figure out when to go: a map that illustrates the high and low travel seasons of every country in the world.

when to travel map

Created by the folks at the UK-based travel site, this animated map of the world cycles through every month of the year, highlighting countries in red to indicate when it's high travel season, in teal to denote the low season, and in yellow for months that are in between. All in all, it not only makes for an incredibly quick and easy way to spot where you may want to jet off to based on your availability, but also when to look for cheaper flights.

Of all countries in South America, Ecuador has the longest low season, lasting for six months from December to June. In Southeast Asia, Indonesia is the winner, with a remarkably long low season lasting from October through May. Interestingly, Norway and Finland each have a seven month-long low season, while the low season for the country in between them -- Sweden -- lasts only four months.

As for high season standouts, mainland Europe has two: Czech Republic and Switzerland, both of which boast a six-month period of peak travel. Similarly, Bolivia has the longest high season in South America, running May through October. The United States is fairly average, with a three month high season (June through August), a five month low season (November through March), and a four month cusp period (April, May, September, and October).

While there's no guarantee consulting this map will save you any dough on flights or accommodations, it should definitely help steer your decision making. Then again, you could always just hold out for some crazy-cheap flight deals to come around.

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