If You Want to Make 6 Figures, Apply to One of These Companies Right Now


You need to get a job. It's not the most fun thing in the world, but neither is the creeping dread and general ennui that comes from not doing anything with your days. With that established, allow us to make a humble recommendation: Get a job that pays a whole bunch of money. That way, you will have nice things to distract you from any chance of existential dread when you're not busy working. 

If this feels like a sound philosophical position to you, you should peruse this list of the 15 companies with the most jobs paying over $100,000 a year right now. It comes via Ladders, which puts out lists like this all the time, and it will make your quest for financial gain much easier. Sure, you'll still have to convince these employers that you're worth a six-figure salary, but you seem capable and chill. We believe in you.

Here are the top 15

15. Banfield Pet Hospital 
Jobs available: 884
14. Google
Jobs available: 849
13. Lockheed Martin
Jobs available: 865
12. CVS Health
Jobs available: 889
11. Intel
Jobs available:  929
10. VMware
Jobs available: 965
9. General Electric
Jobs available: 1,019
8. HCA
Jobs available: 1,038
7. Northrop Grumman
Jobs available: 1,055
6. Facebook
Jobs available: 1,140
5. Microsoft
Jobs available: 1,156
4. Infosys
Jobs available: 1,170
3. Leidos Holdings
Jobs available: 1,241
2. Apple
Jobs available: 1,293
1. Amazon
Jobs available: 1,659

It's probably no surprise to you here that companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook made the list. It turns out, there's a lot of money in tech. Who knew? (Your uncle, probably, as he reminds you every Thanksgiving, but that's neither here nor there.) Since that’s pretty established, we should probably talk about the other industries paying big bucks on this list. 

For instance, No. 3 is Leidos Holdings, an American defense company that's headquartered in Virginia and similar to No. 7, global aerospace and defense technology company Northrop Grumman, which Ladders points out was just awarded a $450 million aircrew training contract. Outside of the defense industry, there’s HCA, a for-profit operator of healthcare facilities, that has over 1,000 six-figure jobs (most of which won't necessarily require you to suffer tech bros), and CVS Health has similar opportunities. Most surprisingly of all is maybe Banfield Pet Hospital. There, you might even get away with interacting with animals instead of people. 

If you'd prefer to live somewhere you like while making your money, check out this list of cities with the most jobs paying over $100K.

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