Which Pokémon Are Strongest in 'Pokémon Go'?

Strongest Pokemon
<a href="">The Silph Road</a>

Pokémon Go has managed to become an international success while still having many secrets that players are figuring out as they go. The game doesn't come with an instructional. But with millions of downloads and an incredible number of active users, players are quickly discovering its secrets. For the details that they aren't figuring out naturally during gameplay, intrepid users are banning together to solve the mysteries. 

Such is the case with three important stats that are hidden from plain sight, determining a monster's ability to do battle. A group of game testers calling themselves The Silph Road have discovered that there are three base attributes every species has. They are its base attack, base defense, and base stamina. The first two are easy enough to understand, as in a Blastoise always has a stronger attack than a Caterpie. However, the third stat is a little more tricky. That's a measure of how fast the meter fills to perform special attacks. 

Players are getting a feel for it with countless hours of gameplay, but starting out, there's really no way to figure this out except through trial and error. The Silph Road and hundreds of volunteers, largely organizing on a subreddit, are testing out theories and finding the base stats for the game's various species.

The team's findings are exciting many players, confirming many commonly held notions — Weedle is basically pointless — and that some of the very rare or difficult to evolve Pokémon like Mewtwo, Articuno, and Snorlax are dominant for gym battles if you're lucky enough to have one. 

However, one of the discoveries that has many excited is that, as many suspected, Vaporeon is one of the easiest to acquire of the game's strongest species. It ranks 13th overall in stats and is strangely easy to evolve. Its strength is part of the reason that people lost their damn minds when one was spotted over the weekend in New York's Central Park. Vaporeon is a good find, but don't abandon your running car in the middle of the road over it. It's not as great as your car in the long run.

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