Popular Diners Across the U.S. Are Now Serving Plant-Based Impossible Sausage

Yelp and Impossible Foods paired up for the independent restaurant initiative.

A woman eats and Impossible sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich.

It seems like we’ve been seeing Impossible breakfast sandwiches at every chain lately. Burger King and Starbucks both have imitation takes, and the company's plant-based hamburger patties have an even bigger presence on lunch and dinner menus. And now, a Yelp/Impossible Foods mashup is getting the new meat-free sausage into more independent businesses, too. 

The amateur review platform identified its 30 top diners, which were then “awarded a supply of Impossible Sausage made from plants,” a press release reads in part. Yelp used its own data to select the restaurants, so expect those consumer reviews to include thoughtful musings alongside your standard “I would give this place zero stars if I could,” punitive write-ups by folks who went five minutes before close. 

“Diners, some might say, are the heart and soul of mom and pop restaurants. They epitomize 'local' and are often known as a community’s beloved and reliable standard,” the release reads. “It is for those reasons we were excited to partner with Impossible Foods to identify some of America’s favorite haunts and help make plant-based a part of everyday fare.”

The dozen-and-a-half lucky diners were ranked “using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews.” The full list includes some Thrillist favorites like Champs Diner in Brooklyn, New York, Beach Break Cafe in Oceanside, California, Al’s Breakfast in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Brent’s Drugs in Jackson, Mississippi, Early Bird Diner in Charleston, South Carolina, and the Fare Well in Washington, DC.

These mom-and-pop shops are really just a drop in Impossible Foods’ overflowing bucket. Its new sausage variety is available in 20,000 US locations since launching in January, but “these beloved institutions are the first independently owned restaurants to feature Impossible Sausage,” the company said in a statement

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