This New Non-Alcoholic Whiskey Will Support Bartenders Throughout Dry January

100% of the proceeds will go toward supporting bartenders nationwide during Dry January.

Courtesy of WhistlePig
Courtesy of WhistlePig

Surviving Dry January is no easy feat, at least for us mere mortals (read: regular happy hour attendees). But with an entire month of the year marketed around getting sober—be it for 30 days or the kickoff to forever—liquor brands have integrated a non-alcoholic variety into their otherwise boozy portfolios.

WhistlePig is just the latest to do so with the introduction of its non-alcoholic rye whiskey, dubbed PiggyBack Devil's Slide. The debut marks the world's first 100-percent rye aged non-whiskey, which touts less than 1 proof (just .5 percent ABV). It's aged for six years and then un-distilled, creating a "bold, complex flavor" and "uniquely quaffable" properties.

"At WhistlePig, we're constantly innovating to unlock the potential of rye, ultimately in pursuit of the best possible quality and taste experience for our fans," the brand's whiskey blender Meghan Ireland said in a statement, according to Food & Wine. "We made the Devil's Slide, a limited edition of our flagship PiggyBack 100-percent Rye, to support their resolutions, give back to the bartenders who will miss them, and to challenge expectations on the level of craft and quality a non-alc can deliver. Age statements have never been done before in this space and—just as with a well-aged whiskey—it makes all the difference."

Courtesy of WhistlePig

While Dry January is great and all, it isn't quite such a positive for the bartenders who rely on your tipsy generous tips, which is why WhistlePig is giving 100% of its PiggyBack Devil's Slide proceeds to them. 

"Any non-alc worth its weight should offer something to celebrate," WhistlePig wrote on its site. "So 100% of the proceeds of this 100% Rye Non-Whiskey will benefit bartenders who have worked their tails off through the holiday season only to be rewarded by the January drought." 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.