White Castle Is Celebrating Its 100th Birthday with Events, Offers, & New Menu Items

Save the date for cake on a stick.

A White Castle takeaway bag, soda cup, and sliders on a plate.
White Castle

Here’s a fun little fact for your next mandatory Zoom happy hour: White Castle is purportedly the very first fast food hamburger chain. Ever! And when your captive Zoom audience gamely asks, “how old is it,” you can tip your hat 1920s style and tell ‘em it's celebrating 100 turns around the sun this very year. In honor of this august occasion, the slider capital of the world has packed 2021 with all manner of celebrations.

"What started as a few little hamburger stands has turned into a successful family-owned fast-food hamburger chain and retail brand that has withstood the test of time," Lisa Ingram, White Castle’s president and CEO, said in a statement. "We're so proud of this achievement and grateful to everyone who helped us get here, especially our team members and our craving fans around the country."

White Castle locations nationwide will be sharing that pride throughout the coming year. The company is releasing three augmented reality drink cups that each depict “a different time period in White Castle's history” and “come alive with sound and motion when viewed through a smartphone,” it’s selling birthday cake on a stick on April 18, and it’s hosting a virtual birthday party on May 15, also known at National Slider Day. The company has also committed to awarding $100,000 in scholarships to employers and their dependents this year.

We didn't see anything about free slider giveaways or other food deals, but maybe those details are on the way. In a press release, the chain said additional details regarding its celebration plans will be announced on its website and social media pages. We have our fingers crossed for some sort of 100-count slider package deal.

The first White Castle opened in 1921. It now has 377 locations in 13 states.

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