White Castle Is Offering a Bunch of New Chicken Rings Deals Right Now

You can get a hefty order of the crispy chicken rings starting at about $3.

White Castle

White Castle claims that Americans prefer its proprietary Chicken Rings over chicken nuggets by a margin of nearly nine to one. And while we could easily dive into these questionable numbers and the debate over which crispy chicken foodstuff is truly the best, we'll save that for another time. This story is about White Castle's new Chicken Ring deals. So, let's talk about the deals. 

The slider-slinging fast food chain launched the appetizing Chicken Rings promotions on Monday, promising that customers will be able to take advantage of them for at least a little while (there's no public end date). Here are the details, per a press release:

  • 12-piece Chicken Rings for just $2.99 ($3.99 in East Coast Area Castles)
  • 20-piece Chicken Rings for just $5.69 ($5.99 in East Coast Area Castles)
  • The Share-A-Meal Pack #8, which includes 10 original Sliders, 20-piece Chicken Rings and a sack of fries, for just $13.99 ($14.99 in East Coast Area Castles)
  • A free 20-piece Chicken Rings with the purchase of a Crave Case ordered online or through the White Castle app

The discounts come with just a little bit of fine print, nothing too crazy. For one, your local White Castle has to be in on the promotion, so double-check with them before you order. And White Castle locations in Las Vegas and Arizona aren't offering the deals, so, uh, sorry about that.

If you've never blessed your tongue with a White Castle Chicken Ring, they're basically chicken nuggets that are flattened and shaped into discs for, as the company put it, "360 degrees of yes please!" More specifically, they're made with white meat chicken and breaded for a crispy exterior. Now, you can bless your tongue with 12 of them for a few bucks. 

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