White Castle’s Serving Cake on a Stick for Its 100th Birthday

It’s joined by three other desserts on sticks.

White Castle's new cake on a stick.
Grace Han/Thrillist
Grace Han/Thrillist

Fast food is generally engineered for convenience, but you know what, not enough of it is on a stick. Hot Dog On a Stick is great if you’re in one of the five states it serves, but why not burgers, french fries, or even a giant mozzarella stick on a stick, all available at oodles of drive-thru locations nationwide? Why not cake on a stick? In a move that harks back to its history of innovation, White Castle has turned that why not into a why how. 

In honor of its own 100th birthday, (a little old to be throwing parties for yourself, but okay). White Castle has unveiled the cake on a stick it will start selling on April 18. Triangles of vanilla cake are covered with white frosting and topped with sprinkles in the chain’s signature white, blue, and orange color scheme. 

White Castle’s birthday cake on a stick will be joined by three other desserts on sticks, including fudge-dipped cheesecake, fudge-dipped brownie, and buttercake. ALL ON STICKS!

This is a “limited” offering, according to a press release, so try to nab one before another 100 years passes. 

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