White Castle Unveils New Spicy Joe Slider & Sloppy Fries

The chain partnered with Fat Joe for Joenuary, a month dedicated to sloppy Joes.

Edited - Courtesy of White Castle

The latest menu update from White Castle comes with three pieces of excellent news. First, White Castle is introducing Spicy Joe Slider and Sloppy Fries to the menu. Second, to usher in the new menu items and the return of the Sloppy Joe and Smoky Joe Slider, White Castle is partnering with hop-hop start Fat Joe. Finally, all of this information is wrapped in a punny package: Joenuary.

Fans are already familiar with the original Sloppy Joe Slider, which is made with lean ground beef, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and a sweet-and-tangy sauce, and the Smoky Joe Slider, which is comprised of the same ingredients and topped with smoked cheddar cheese and crispy onions.

The new Spicy Joe Slider is topped with jalapeno cheese and jalapeno crisps instead of Cheddar cheese and onions. The Sloppy Fries have a base of the signature White Castle crinkle-cut fries and are topped with melted cheese and Sloppy Joe sauce.

The chain enlisted Fat Joe, who has a long-established love for the sandwiches, to introduce the new additions. The Joenuary lineup won't just include food; keep an eye on White Castle and Fat Joe's social media for some pun-infused posts.

"White Castle was a big part of my childhood," Fat Joe said in a press release. "I always enjoyed eating their Sliders with my friends and family, so it's a full-circle moment to partner with them all these years later in an unprecedented way. I'm excited to introduce new additions to the menu and share some other surprises so we can start the new year off right."

You can get each slider for $0.99 and try all three sliders with the Sloppy Joe trio, which includes all three flavor variations. Feeling extra hungry? Mix and match your favorite sliders with the Joe 6-Pack for $6.

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