White Claw Is Unleashing a New Line of High-Alcohol Hard Seltzer Called Surge

Yes, Surge. Like the '90s soda.

new white claw surge
Photo courtesy of White Claw
Photo courtesy of White Claw

Remember Surge sodas from the '90s? Well, this is definitely not that, but White Claw's newest line of drinks is probably going to have you talking about the electric green soda that went well with Animaniacs and The Fat of the Land. (Surge briefly resurfaced a few years back in case you're wondering if Coca-Cola would ever consider bringing it back. It would.)

White Claw is launching a line of high-ABV hard seltzers that it is calling Hard Seltzer Surge. You'll have two flavor options—Cranberry and Blood Orange—when you're looking for an 8% ABV version of the hard seltzer so ubiquitous that it's close to being the Kleenex of the hard seltzer world. 

The jump from 5% (regular White Claw) to 8% is significant, but 8% isn't unheard of. There are plenty of IPAs in that range and double IPAs that top that. Elysian's Space Dust IPA is 8.2%, Cigar City's Jai Alai IPA is 7.5%, Sierra Nevada's Torpedo Extra IPA is 7.2%, and Bell's Two Hearted Ale and New Belgium's Voodoo Ranger IPA are 7%.

Not only does Surge come with an elevated alcohol content, it comes in a 16-ounce can. That's a good deal more punch than your typical 12-ounce White Claw that carries a 5% ABV. Though Surge is only going to be available in a single-serve 16-ounce can, which a representative tells Thrillist will typically cost about $2.99. 

White Claw certainly isn't the only hard seltzer that has seen the potential benefit of appealing to hard seltzer drinkers looking for a little more oomph. PBR has its Stronger Seltzer. There's a high-ABV seltzer from White Claw's top competitor, Truly called Truly Extra. Four Loko and Natural Light are also playing this game. You can add Surge to the list now. It'll be hitting shelves this month.

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