This Dude Hilariously Recorded Every 'Whoa' Moment on His European Vacation

For many, travel is a search for those "whoa" moments. The moments that take you off guard and make all the hassles of airports, flat tires, and crappy hostels worthwhile. Whether you get that feeling by seeing a concert, the wonders of the world, or searching for Precious Moments figurines, finding that moment is one way you know the trip went well. 

If that's true, Nathan Nannenga had one hell of a summer trek through Europe. Instead of keeping a blog or taking thousands of pictures to show family members, Nannenga put together a short video that chronicled his travels. Kind of. 

"Took a trip to Europe this summer!," he wrote in the description of the video, which he shared to YouTube "I made this video to show people how cultured I am now."

His proof is about a minute of him saying "whoa" at different landmarks around Europe. Blink and you're sure to miss a stop as he flashes through Italy, the La Tomatina Festival in Spain, and stunning Swiss vistas.

"I decided to make this silly video because I knew friends and family would be interested in seeing pictures, but I felt like taking a bunch of traditional tourist pictures of me standing and smiling was kind of cliched and boring," the 27-year-old from Utah told the Irish Examiner. "I didn’t really plan it out when I started, but once I had a few videos of me going 'whoa' I decided to keep it up then spliced the video together when I got back."

Looks like a pretty good trip. Err... Whoa. 

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Dustin Nelson is a News Writer with Thrillist. He last whoa-ed on a volcano and also in front of an impressive arepa. Follow him @dlukenelson.