This Site Shows Which Cities Have The Most Start-Up Jobs Around The World

Searching for a job is about the least stimulating way to pass one’s time on the web. It can be a daunting endeavor, predicated by no shortage of career panic and existential crisis, especially when you start thinking that literally no job is right for you.

Luckily though, there’s a site that aggregates thousands of jobs across the world, and plugs them into a user-friendly map. WhoIsHiring is mainly for those of a tech-orientation, but it incorporates a plethora of other vocations, and you can delve into the job market in basically any major city throughout the world.

To use it, simply enter a city’s name, and see a map appear with a list of geo-tagged jobs, sourced from seventeen listings sites. Those listings appear in the right hand corner of your page, and enables you to do just about everything short of apply to a respective gig and interview for it.

The site was created by software developers Ania Bywanis and Sebastian Pawluś and is headquarted in Poland. Pawluś writes on the website that the whole thing started as “a simple side project. Even though I was aware of other similar projects which existed at that time, I surprised myself with the usability of what I had built. I already had a "map search" tool handy that was used for a previous project of mine. So I decided to build on that anyway, since it would be a good learning exercise too.”

Tech Crunch reports that while WhoIsHiring is currently seeking funding, but there are already 80,000 users a month, because jobs are important and people need them.

[HT Tech Crunch]

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