Whoops: 50 Pounds of Weed Delivered to the Wrong Address

Published On 10/23/2015 Published On 10/23/2015

If you're missing several packages containing 50lbs of marijuana that were supposed to be delivered, well, some curious cops in a northern New Jersey town would like to ask you a few questions. Also, you might want to seek a better delivery service (not this one). 

On Tuesday, officers from the Hazlet Township Police Department responded to a call from a resident who said they'd received a rather unexpected delivery, addressed to someone who didn't live there. Upon arriving at the home, officers seized the packages and opened them for clues on where they were supposed to be delivered and who was supposed to get them, only to discover some pretty surprising contents: approximately 50lbs of weed, the department said in a Facebook post


Hazlet Township Police Department

The cache of kush, the jackpot of pot, the windfall of weed -- whatever you want to call it -- is worth as much as $100,000, a Hazlet detective told NBC News. Sounds like somebody should have purchased that $15 shipping insurance, but that's probably the least of their worries now.

Authorities said they're working with local and federal law enforcement agencies to track down who the marijuana belongs to, and would really love it if that person would come forward.

"If you were expecting these packages and would like to claim them, please come to Police Headquarters," the department said on Facebook. Hopefully, they're not holding their breath, although I'm told that makes it work faster.

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