Here's Why Just Thinking About Food Makes Your Mouth Water

It's possible that the mere sight of a steaming hot cheese pizza is might be enough to make your mouth water. For someone else, just the scent of fast food French fries causes them to salivate. And while you might be too hangry to notice it yourself, everyone's mouth tends to water from seeing, smelling, or even thinking about certain foods... but why? A new video from the American Chemical Society explains the basic science behind why we salivate, and it's actually pretty fascinating. 

For example, the video mentions a theory that suggests your brain might be conditioned early in life to respond to the sights or even just the thoughts of certain foods by making your mouth water. However, staring lovingly at a giant chocolate cake -- or seeing the ridiculous food porn your friends post on Instagram -- might not be enough to make you drool, if you're not able to actually eat some. Turns out you have to believe that you're about to eat these foods before you'll start to salivate, according to the video. The clip goes on to explain additional science behind salivating, and it might just make you a little hungry.

Anyone else's mouth watering right now?

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