Mark Zuckerberg Covers up His Webcam. Here's Why You Should Too.

Those people who have a piece of tape over their webcams look like total paranoid freaks, until you find out that Mark Zuckerberg does that too. Yeah, maybe you should take webcam hacking more seriously. 

Zuckerberg recently posted a photo commemorating 500 million monthly users on Instagram, but it's getting attention for a whole other reason, namely because of the crafty security device on his laptop. 

Take a look at this photo:

Now take a look at the detail that Twitter user Chris Olsen and many others are drawing out of this photo:

In case you still can't tell what those highly obvious red arrows are pointing to - Mark Zuckerberg is covering up his webcam and duel microphones with a piece of tape. Sure, he was recently hacked, but this is a smart move regardless, since a webcam hack is absolutely a thing that can happen. For example, take the Miss USA Teen case from 2014.

Basically, there are two ways your webcam can get hacked. The first way is too easy, and happens when you don't change the default username and password on your webcam. As Lifehacker explains, some webcams can be accessed remotely and have a default username and password that allows you to do so. The problem is, this default username and password is the same one issued with every device, which means it's really easy to get ahold of. Now, that problem goes away as soon as you change your password, but there's another way people can hack into a webcam that is far more dangerous.

The second way involves a malware called remote access trojan (RAT), which takes control of the device, letting the hacker watch you from that compromised webcam. What should you do to prevent this? Well, as Naked Security points out, you should avoid clicking on suspicious links and maybe get some security software, but one easy way to ensure that the hacker can't see you is to cover up your webcam with a piece of tape. Yep, just like Zuckerberg.

The man knows what he's doing.

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Kara King is a News Writer at Thrillist and is now paranoid. Send news tips to and follow her at @karatillie.