The Wienermobile Is Hiring People to Drive from Coast to Coast

You could be one of America's next, uh, Hotdoggers.

It's hard to be exiting college and entering the next stage of life. You could list all the reasons--the student debt catastrophe, among other issues--but the real problem is that there simply aren't enough hot dog-shaped vehicular jobs for every new college graduate. 

It's a competitive space if you're looking to build your resume by driving a giant hot dog with an engine. But the heart wants what the heart wants and if that's what the heart wants, the heart better polish that resume. Oscar Mayer is taking applications for its next batch of Hotdoggers, which is the goofy name given to the crew that drives its fleet of Wienermobiles. 

Through January 31, Oscar Mayer will accept applications for the one-year position. It's a full-time job that will have you behind the wheel of a Wienermobile throughout the year. On average, the company says, Hotdoggers drive 20,000 miles and hit 20 states during their tenure. You're basically a brand ambassador with duties that include creating social content, driving the Wienermobile, "maintaining the fleet of six Wienermobiles," and handing out about a quarter million, ahem, Wiener Whistles.

Only 12 individuals get to work behind the hot dog's wheel each year, and more than 2,000 apply annually. You must be a recent college graduate with a bachelor's degree "preferably in public relations, journalism, communications, or marketing." You'll also need to be good with people and have a driver's license. You likely need a high tolerance for wiener puns as well.

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