You Can Get 56-Cent Hot Dogs at Wienerschnitzel Today

Wienerschnitzel sale
Wienerschnitzel | Thrillist/Dustin Nelson

Cheap hot dogs? What is it, your birthday? 

No, it's not. (Unless it is, in which case, happy birthday.) It is, however, Wienerschnitzel's 56th birthday. The "world's most wanted wiener" is exposing a hot deal for the occasion. On July 11, at all 331 locations across 10 US states and Guam, many of which sport that distinctive A-frame architecture, you can get your hands on a wiener for just 56 cents.

Clean out your change drawer, because it's 56 cents for an original mustard (a grilled wiener topped with French's mustard) or a chili dog. If you're just joining a friend for their wiener binge, the chain recently bulked up its burgers by 50% and added a garlic butter spread on toasted buns. So, high five.

Be sure to bring your hunger, because there is a weirdly high 10 dogs per customer limit. Though, if you eat 10 hot dogs you should have this deal extended to another 10. It's only fair. You just ate 10 hot dogs. You deserve a reward. (With the obvious exception of Joey Chestnut. He's banned from hot dog sales. It's in the fine print.)

And don't forget, with every wiener you house, you're supporting Wiener Nationals, the nation's premiere dachshund race. 

h/t Foodbeast

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