Watching a Lawn Mower Shred Christmas Decorations Is Bizarrely Mesmerizing

Published On 12/27/2016 Published On 12/27/2016

Christmas arrived and departed quickly like excitement about a Jurassic Park reboot. Now, your home (or your parents' home) is covered in gaudy decorations that will get packed up into a massive box to sit in the basement for 11 months.

But the Will It Mow? YouTube channel wants you to know there's another option. Instead of packing up tree ornaments, fake snow, animatronic Santas and dried out wreaths, you can turn them into a pointless mulch with a lawnmower. (Actually, don't do that. It's not recommended.) In their latest video the lawn mower-wielding hosts of "Will It Mow?" are chucking Christmas decorations into the spinning blades of a lawn mower.

The channel creates videos in gorgeous slow motion, showcasing the unnecessary destruction of household items. It seems ridiculous, but there's something hypnotizing and bizarre about watching the something so pointless and predictable.

Get a load of exploding Christmas decorations above and if you need to see even more of their insane disposal methods, check out the destruction of a computer in their garage for adult children. It will satisfy every "what if" you've had while mowing a lawn.

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