Slo-Mo Video of Lawn Mower Shredding Things Is Addictive

Published On 12/06/2016 Published On 12/06/2016

The internet is an endless repository of engrossing videos you'd never guess you want to watch. Whether it's the methodical precision of machines making ice cream sandwiches or underwater farts. Or that Jackson Hole live stream. What the hell was that all about?

Slow motion videos get their own subheading under the bizarrely entrancing category. Slow motion makes unexpected things worth watching, like a guy getting hit in the face with a taco

The latest video from the Will It Mow? YouTube channel has some new slow motion camera toys they used to film floppy disks get mauled by a lawn mower (above). It's fantastic. The channel's slow motion destruction has the ability to suck you in for untold amounts of time.

It's a waste of time. For sure. But do you regret watching it? Maybe. A little. But could you stop yourself? No. And that's the point. 

Below, check out an older video of computer parts and cameras getting chucked into the exposed mower blade. It creates so much plastic carnage that you can't help but continue watching through the entirety of the rather lengthy video. 

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